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Welcome - Pieter Zaadstra

Here is a web site about making art, art about the substance of your mind and how you address feelings.

The articles included are about your art survival.

Your art survival relies on dexterity between your eyes, mind and hand coordination and vigour. Your studio existence is not about money; it is about emotions and the telling of stories well.

Here is a web site discussing superb art from a previous era: The time of the Impressionists, of filtered light and incomplete ideas and unrequited love and dreams.

Hopefully you gain from your visit. You cannot gain without pain. Maybe you too are like other artists who often do fail to complete their art. You too have abandoned drawings, left oils unfinished and your great stories remain unwritten.

Even though everything is arduous it need not be so difficult. There are reasons for this web site; to have you think about stuff that matters, to raise your hackles, to prod your feelings. Get angry and fire up.

Art requires a daily primer and light, don’t you know?


G’Day & Greetings

Greetings to participants, the beginner, the qualified and the proficient. A warm greeting to my peers, my teachers, Bachelors of Visual Arts, lecturers, tutors, and online sightseeing lurkers et al. You will find many art modules here. Stories too.

‘Tales of the Atelier’ conveys my ‘take’ about ‘art’ in my world of art. I tell stories about the epic Modernism epoch, and my personal views on doing art well.

My studios are about art survival, built on 50 years of my own subsistence in the visual arts. Insights are about creative methods and those personalities who pushed ideas.

Your survival in our Post-Modernism world of art is important too. You are creative. Touch upon your inner Paleolithic  inclination now. Go on! Spice up your art to give it vitality and zing…


My workshops website is in 4 sections:
Open, Free, Medium & Full Access.


You are currently in the ‘Free Access’ section where quite a lot of helpful information can be found.

There are ‘free’ flipbooks to browse. It is ‘atelier entry’ content. You can purchase the eZines too for local browsing and printing.



Link to Modules 1 – 5

The ‘Basic Access’ section opens up to Flipbook Modules 1 to 5, real atelier entry info to assist your art progress. It is ‘Basic Entrance’ for the inspired and for students who wish to experiment in art with a view to survive.

‘Tales of the Atelier – Vol.1’ both as hardcopy and digital eZine.

Preview the Modules available on the Full Access level.



Link to Full Access Modules 6 – 12

The ‘Full Access’ section includes the Flipbook Modules 6 to 12 which narrate and illustrate art survival. Visual diary stuff about my way of looking at art. It is my story, yet it may be yours too. That is the wonderful thing about art and those who actually survive. Sharing of the ideas.

‘Tales of the Atelier – Vol.2’ both as hardcopy and digital eZine.


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