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My visual arts diaries and short stories are about life in ateliers, the teaching studios of lore.

My narratives are about ‘survival’ as an artist, about making art well.

All else belongs to other places, probably important, but you can’t eat it.

Atelier art is survival: Your survival both intellectually and financially.

Atelier art is from earlier times when art training was hard work.

Then came along the new era ushering in conceptual ephemera of the Post-Modernists to deconstruct the established ateliers training regimes.

Somehow the old ateliers endured to benefit artists because good art will last with its narratives that are the bread and butter of ateliers. What mostly counts in context of your survival are well-rounded art capabilities with engaging stories.

Draw well, paint better, and tell a good story. Be enchanting and funny too. Mostly be you and be very good at doing art, daily.

Be free and win. Average doesn’t really count for much.


Next begin your Zaadstra Atelier experience in Free Access mode.
You are introduced to a range of tools from the traditional to the contemporary.
Concepts are from my private atelier.

Free access brings Materials 1 + 2.
Zaadstra Atelier - materials
Check it out via this link here.
Included are personal insights and hints,
stories and ideas about preparing art.

Free Access participants can purchase:

Tales of the Atelier Volume 1

Tales of the Atelier Volume 2

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