Create Art on ‘Yupo’

Yupo for artists link

Create Art on ‘Yupo’ – an inspiration to modern artists.

‘Yupo’ is a name for synthetic sheets of polypropylene. Coated substrates of plastic.

There are many different types and weights of ‘Yupo’. You’ll have to play around.

Art supplies shops stock ‘Yupo’ sometimes. Usually small sheets.

You can get big sheets.

Here in Australia bulk supplies of Yupo can be ordered/purchased via:

Yupo Ultra Link

Yupo Extra Link

Yupo Recycled Link

Other styles of Yupo are available too. You will need to experiment.

Experimental hints and tips are found here in each Module found at Basic and Full Content levels. The Materials Modules briefly touch on the ideas.

Good luck and have fun doing traditional concepts with space-age materials.

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