Avant-garde of Niche

Foreword – Avant-garde of Niche

Your world today is much different from the world of my youth. That is how it is.

Art has changed too and so has the way we do business.

A few enthusiasts imitate the great game of Impressionism, but the participants in my workshops are confused about the way to go about things.

As a tutor I bluntly inform them that we are now in a generation of ‘entitlement’. It is fine to be ‘entitled’ and receive stuff. Our nation is wealthy and you should get a small slice of it as best as you can. Why not, eh?

But you cannot have an easy serve of Impressionism.

Why? Well, you must earn the insights that make Impressionism so good. There is a triangle to grasp.

When you see a Monet on the gallery wall you will most likely be thrilled. You are honoured and feel wonder. What is happening? The artist made a picture and a hundred years later it thrills you. Quite special isn’t it?

Impressionism is a gift to you and you respond in appreciation. The triangle closed, just for you.

The triangle began with the artist conveying ideas into a painting. The painting’s magic beams over to you, a viewer, and an onlooker who is thrilled with awe.

The triangle closes because you are affected and the original artist talks to you from beyond the grave. It is as if you are with the artist, in his presence.

Nothing is better than Impressionism’s strange knack to close the triangle.

Yet, to be connected like that is not an entitlement.

Indeed, I think modern people blank out feeling the emotions that are intended.

The emotions encased within Impressionism are niche. It is not of this moment and belongs to a time of Modernism, way before our expectations and us.

Impressionism cannot be handed to you if you demand it. It can come when you allow it.

I will wager that you have no idea what I am suggesting.

Avant-garde of Niche

Years ago, before the times of Impressionism, ‘Avant-garde’ was a French soldierly metaphor that referred to brave vanguards of an army pushing into enemy territories. The army followed the courageous avant-gardes’ pathways. So, to be scouting the terrain you were advancing before others who then progressed in relative safety.

To be avant-garde in art means derring-do to open up pathways through difficult or unknown cultural terrain so that everyone else can follow if they desire to do so.

Avant-garde is for brave people.

Impressionism is today a small group of enthusiasts. It is ‘niche’ in our world of Post-Modernism.

Post-modernism is an expression of our life, mixed up for the money, fame, power and prestige. It is for celebrities, a micro culture in a pyramidal feudal structure run by bean counters.

Unlike Impressionism, the art of today looks and sounds the same because its pitch is at your purse. Marvellous art is made today in many ways. Ask yourself if the triangle closes for you. Do you remember recent art? Say, ten years ago?

Impressionism and early Expressionism of 125 years ago is remembered because the triangle closes each time that art touches you.

How you can do that is explained in the Full Access section of this web site. Be an avant-garde. It is a small world of ‘niche’.

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