Dull and Boring

The Dull and Boring

The ‘Left’ is dead boring. To Impressionists.

The brilliantly inspiring vision of the beginning of life in Genesis brings forth sweeping Impressionism, uplifting the human soul in the bright light.

The Left reduces human experience to tight little boring categories, Abstract Expressionism flatness, nonfigurative neologisms to denote art ‘isms’ like sexism, racism, and a bunch of sundry phobias to do with Nazism and racial supremoes who lord it over us ordinary country folk.

The Left is boring us to death with their claims that moral absolutes like good and bad are relics of outmoded Judeo-Christianity. I ask is it specious droning, flight of fancy or delusional cant?

Since when did the ‘Left’ and the Socialists become the new fount of moral rectitude? Since they told us so in their orgy of virtue signalling and devolving standards of probity.

Leftists are insufferably smug asserters to their virtue of self-saintliness.

Meh! Whatever. Boring people.

The ‘Left’ does not do Impressionism because that would mean exertion and developing skills, insight and hard work, empathy and feelings.

Persuasion and Logic

My job as tutor is to present a case for Impressionism and bring you along by persuasion and logic. At workshops or in your enclave you enjoy the great range of ideas that are embraced by ‘Impressionism’, a bunch of concepts to uplift you.

In the wild, beyond the private atelier, are many people who do not think as you do, and they will go at length to deny you your enjoyment of art and your art education, especially the skills you need to practice Impressionism.

Whereas on the outside awaits depression, in your atelier you cannot wait for morning to arrive, to get on with drawing and painting.

In my workshops I take you on a trip to the heart-felt closeness that is given by the light of Impressionism derived from traditional village life.

The outsiders can be tediously persistent in their Post-Modernism, dishing out harangues to everyone who doesn’t think as they do. This is a lack of charity and a dogged unwillingness to try and understand that there might be justification for a contrary opinion, or two.

It is good to remember that Impressionism began in Genesis with a flick of the light-switch by the Omnipotent. The ‘Left’ industrial scale griping with a public subsidy began over 100 years ago.  They are dead boring.

Meanwhile Impressionism is elevating light. Love its filtered glow while you can.

Furtive Seepage

The ‘Left’ and Post-Modernism phenomenon is furtive seepage into daily life. It is a phenomenon that purloins many micro moments to give an allusion of macro gravitas. It is a feudal pyramid of Marxism ideology that is financed by your tax money, a neat trick.

Sometimes ideas are macro erotic like the Sydney Opera House, which is a sexy Modernistic sailing.

Our new National Parliament House is a mishmash of many micro inspirations, a hotchpotch Post-Modernism, much of it de-constructivism and purloined Bauhaus levellers to make the common man more common. If you take a ‘House’ tour to see the sights your tour-guides actually explain the ‘common’ theme.

‘Old style art’ isn’t encouraged much today. Tutors do not know the old ways. In Australia you do not go to college or University to learn how to do old things.

BAs are churned out in Australia. A BA certainly will not guarantee a job but while you study you are not on the unemployed register thus skewing the statistics. We now have multi-generation art students. Professional art students.

Yes, I do poke fun at the ‘Left’ phenomenon. I actually don’t take the ‘Left’ too seriously. Anyway, the phenomenon is all about money. The Post-Modernists of the ‘Left’ want dosh. Post-Modernists are anthropocentric. They know no other god, only the god of self and mammon.

In your time of leisure go outside to soak up the light of Impressionism.

You are granted one life to live. Live it well.

Banging on

You may think that I bang on about the light. Yes, I do on about those who shun the light too.

Well, I will be in the dark soon enough. I have worked on enjoying my life in the atelier while I can physically do so.

Impressionism is food for the soul, feeding the passion of the individual in his studio.

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