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Artists and students may partake in atelier activity.
Participation levels are:

  • Open – this is for everyone to check out
  • Free Content – more ‘open’ atelier stuff for registered activity
  • Basic Access – very interesting content from the atelier
  • Full Access – atelier content with informative insights

*Registration of your participation level is moderated by tutors.
*Access is usually quick but registration could take up to 24 hours to process.
*Moderating maintains the integrity of this private website to bring you a quality experience.

Level Price  
Free Membership Free Select
Basic Membership $30.00 per Year. Select
Full Membership $60.00 per Year. Select

Portrait drawing of Pieter Zaadstra, artist, tutor, storyteller and author.

Artist statement:

This web site will eventually contain each of my short stories , to become a legacy archive called ‘Tales of the Atelier’ about life in an Impressionism studio and those ripping ideas we talked about during more than fifty years of professional art making.

Workshop participants will be able to access tutor’s modules as they become available.

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